What We Do

Mesmerize Marketing is a point of care media company dedicated to educating health conscious consumers within our network of doctors’ offices, dentists, community based organizations,  AIDS service organizations and independent pharmacies.

As a leader in patient education since our inception in 2006, Mesmerize continues to deliver brands directly to consumers as they wait for their appointments.  Engaging consumers at the point of care stimulates patients to discuss brands directly with their physicians and pharmacists, providing the coveted implied endorsement of the medical professional.

Our growing network of over 50,000 medical practitioners and healthcare professionals is segmented within a broad selection of specialties that caters to our clients’ specific target audiences. Each program can be targeted by health condition, ethnicity, household income, and/or geography.

The focus on wellness makes the doctor’s office or pharmacy an optimal setting to reach health-conscious consumers.

People that see healthcare advertising at the point of care are 55% more likely to discuss an ad with their doctor.*

*Kantar Media Consumer Health Research